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We are a Theatre in Education ( TIE ) company delivering high impact, entertaining drama projects in schools throughout the UK. We are also one of the UK's leading providers of School Pantomimes. You can use this website to find out more about our theatre company and productions we currently have available. It is also possible to make enquiries via the contact form. Click here to see our current programme for 2015/16

'Treasure Island' - A Swashbuckling Treat for the End of Term!

Available Thursday 18th June - Friday 24th July 2015Treasure Island

Combining, Music, Dance and Drama to make for the perfect end of term treat!
Adapted from the classic story by Robert Louis Stevenson, join our hero Jim Hawkins on an epic quest to uncover the lost treasure of Captain Flint.  From eye-patches to treasure chests, from walking the plank to the most timber-shiverin’ pirate that e’er there was...Long John Silver, this exciting adventure is sure to bring a smile to every ship mates’ face.  Our new adaptation combines drama and live music to create a dynamic production that appeals to a modern audience whilst retaining all the charm of the original text. Click here for further details.

"I thought the performance was outstanding! It had been very well planned and put together to get the messages across to our pupils. I found it hard to take my eyes off the performance but when I did the pupils eyes were glued too. The acting was fantastic which helped the audience to engage throughout".
Mandy Cook - Teacher at Castledyke School - North Lincolnshire

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During the War...

Available Monday 28th September - Friday 16th October 2015

During the War...'During the War...' is an entertaining and informative peek at life in Britain during World War and is the perfect accompaniment to any Second World War Topic. Pupils will follow in the lives of a 1940s family, sharing in the ups and downs of life during wartime Britain. Using music and drama the production will enhance the pupils understanding of issues such as The Blitz, blackouts, rationing, and evacuation. Although informative, the production is also highly entertaining and features songs and comedy from the era. Click here for further details.

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Robin_hood_pantomimeReturning for 2015 !
Join us in the magical Sherwood Forest for our latest pantomime adventure.

Get ready to boo, hiss and cheer, as our hero Robin Hood attempts to outwit the evil Sheriff of Nottingham,  as well as robbing from the rich to give  to the poor and romance the beautiful Maid Marion along the way. It’s clearly going to be a busy day in the forest! 

So, join Robin and his hilarious Merry Men, sharpen up your swords and get ready to aim your arrows for a fun-filled, musical Christmas treat!

"A pantomime that never fails to hit the target"

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Our most ambitious Panto Yet! Sleeping Beauty - Pantomime
Join us as we tell the magical tale of Sleeping Beauty, a princess cursed by a wickedly evil witch. Will a handsome young prince be able to save our beautiful princess and help her live happily ever after?

Featuring everything you have come to love about our pantomimes such as superb performers, stunning sets, and up-to-date songs. Throw in lots of audience participation and you have all the ingredients for another magical and fun filled pantomime

"No one will be sleepoing during this magical panto...apart from the Princess "

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A small selection of the authorities and organisations we have worked with most recently

A small selection of the authorities and organisations we have worked with most recently

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